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Thomas Parkin - Fact Or Fiction?

Real Life Norman Bates
Click to watch ABC News' Report on this Amazing Story
ABC 20/20—The Big Lie: Real Life Norman Bates

My Mother My Self

CBS—How Thomas Parkin became his dead mother.

Straight out of Hitchcock
CBS—So a bizarre deception was born


Real Life Norman Bates
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Chinese Blessing Scam

NY Times - Chinese Blessing Scam Arrests

NYC Chinese Blessing Scam

NY Post - Woman Who Made $160k in Chinese Blessing Scam Busted


Man Aquitted of Arson & Hate Crimes In Burning Of Jewish Religious Items

YouTube - Man Charged with Lighting Fires

Brooklyn Man Officially Charged With Arson

NY Daily News Man Beats Rap in mezuzah burning case

NY Post -- Man found not guilty on 12 arson charges in mezuzah fires

NY Daily News - Man Wanted To Smoke and Get High Gets 11 years

High Class NY

$10,000-a-night prostitution ring busted in NYC


Brooklyn BID Director Arrested

NY Daily News -- Brooklyn BID Director Charged With Stealing $85k

Diehard Beyonce Fan Steals $85000 for Concert Tickets, Pedicures and Clothes


Cop Impersonator Indicted

NY Post -- Cop Impersonator Thanks Angel Judge at Sentencing

Attorney and 2 others charged in Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud


$2 Million A Year Drug Enterprise


Manslaughter of 10 Month Old Baby

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